Do you have 100,000+ old leads?

We help growing companies make more sales from old leads without lifting a finger

* 100% Performance Based

* NO Upfront Cost

* NO Retainer

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What Exactly Is Going On?

We are an AI automations company..

And we're on the path to helping generate billions with a B, 'found deals'.

Historically, it's been impossible to 'reengage' an entire database of old leads,

Whether 100k, or 100M,

Was just too much work to do manually.

(even for the most ferocious sales team)


Imagine you could find a commission only sales rep,

Who never slept,

Never took lunch breaks,

And never got irritated.

Then imagine he could handle 10,000+ different conversations a second.


Your mountain of old leads stop being useless dust collectors,

Only ever visited when new enquiries dry up.

And transform into a literal gold mine.

A source of some of the most profitable deals you've ever seen.

Well that's what we do with 'Sales-Driven AI'.

Sounds too good to be true?

Don't believe me?

I get it.

But answer this...

If what I'm saying is even 30% accurate...

How much money could that make your business?

If you think it makes sense,

Tap below & apply,

And I'll get my team to build you a custom AI to test.

- Alex | Founder

What kind of results are we seeing?


A client called James owns a debt consolidation company...

...and every month, he spends a pretty penny with Facebook and Google, in exchange for new leads.

James has a few sales guys and gals.

If he’s being honest, way more than he would like.

Problem is, most of the leads his team dial… don’t pick up.

These people are used to dodging calls because they’re used to being chased by their debt collectors.

So, when an unfamiliar number dials their phone… they don’t dare answer.

For the first 48 hours, James’ team calls these leads every hour.

And still…

Out of the 1000 leads they call, they’re lucky if they speak to half.

What happens to the other half?

Usually… NOTHING!

For James, that’s around $25,000 he wastes each month on ‘lost leads’.

So, he agreed to a TEST!

On day 3, instead of continuing with calls…

He decided to send 319 of those ‘dialed to death’ leads to our AI system.

Here’s what happened...

* 319 leads fed to AI

* 120 responded

* 87 qualified

* 75 booked an appointment

* 14 close sales

With each sale worth between $3,000 - $4,000...

That’s around $49,000.

That’s enough to cover one of his employee’s salaries. For the WHOLE year.

From a test batch of just 319 leads.

There’s easily 20 TIMES that sat around in James’ CRM, waiting to be worked.

James is over the moon happy.

In a single test, this AI has solved a problem he’s battled against for 10 years or more.

For the first time ever, James can bring more sales into his business at the same time as drastically reducing his overheads…

…so there’s way more cash left over for him to spend however he chooses.


A law firm who specializes in compensation claims, kinda like Personal Injury, but not ;)

Had some pretty staggering results too...

* 70% responded

* 48% qualified

* 42% call booked

The AI was given 467 leads.

103 of them asked for an Instant Callback and another 93 of them booked appointments. 

Even if only a quarter of those appointments turned into sales (which is very low for this business) 

That’s still 49 sales. Pulled from what feels like thin air.  

Each sale is worth on average $2000 to Simon’s biz. 

So that’s $98,000 of cash that he wouldn’t have had without the AI's help. 


Out of 96 dead and battered leads...

Who were 12 MONTHS OLD...

The AI achieved:

* 38 responses

* 11 qualified

* 8 appointments

* 5 sales

They couldn't believe it.