How Companies Are Generating $1,000,000’s In Sales From ‘Old Leads' On Autopilot



Marketing costs are spiking, and staffing costs are on the incline, but companies who’re keeping their finger on the pulse of new technology are reaping the benefits.

Imagine having a list of 700,000 old leads go from being worth nothing…

To being the source of 35,000 freshly qualified booked appointments…

WITHOUT hiring extra sales people, paying appointment setting agencies or dialing the leads yourself.

I'm going to show you how 3 very different companies are all breaking sales records doing exactly this.

And how you can too.

What do the 3 companies below have in common?

1. A Debt Consolidation company

2. A Law Firm that specializes in Compensation Claims (kind of like personal injury, but not)

3. A Home Improvements business

Like many growing companies, each of them pay for 100,000’s leads that never end up getting contacted or sold.

Sound familiar?

As a company – they’re faced with the question and “impossible task”…

How do they convert more of the leads they already have, and do so whilst keeping staffing and marketing costs at a minimum?

But with the advent of new AI...

Select companies are now able to make egregious amounts of money from the old leads they'd forgotten about without their teams lifting a finger.

Now if you're anything like me, you’re probably a little skeptical…

But the real “secret” is that these companies have tapped into something that’s never been possible before.

'Sales-Driven' Conversational A.I.

Not an awkward, robotic, clearly-not-human bot.

But the real deal. The same kind of AI apps like ChatGPT use.

Here's How It Works:

The 'Sales-Driven AI' these companies are using has been trained to re-engage, re-qualify, build rapport and book sales appointments with 'dead' leads via SMS.

You can see below a breakdown of an actual conversation the AI had with a Debt Consolidation lead..

The AI starts each conversation in a friendly & personal way to ‘ring a bell’ in the prospect’s mind. 

To get that “ohhh yeah, I remember now” response which is why they text back. 

The next message serves the purpose of bringing down their “I’m too busy” defenses and opening up the conversation.

Next is the back and forth

The AI then qualifies the prospect in a natural and friendly way. 

Validating the prospect and asking further questions.

Then the AI starts to pre-frame the callback.

When the prospect gives a time, the AI is smart enough to take that info and book the appointment directly into the diary.

The AI finishes of by getting commitment to the call…

It knows by tying that call back to an ACTUAL real person,

The prospect naturally feels more accountable and committed to turn up to the call. 

This company reported that SHOW rates are through the roof.

So what impact did 'Sales-Driven aI' have on the 3 companies above?

After implementation, they're all predicted to have the best year they've ever had.

Making $10,000,000's in sales from their old leads...

... with none of the traditional sales or marketing costs.

Now they've given consent to share only a portion of their initial test data, but the picture they paint is glorious.

The Debt Consolidation Company Results:

319 leads fed to AI.

120 responses.

87 qualified.

75 calls.

14 closed sales!

The Law Firm Results:

467 leads fed to AI.

196 booked appointments.

With a quarter of those appointments turned into sales (which is very low for this business).

That’s 49 sales! Pulled from what feels like thin air.

The Home Improvements Company Results:

96 leads fed to the AI (12 month old).

38 responses.

11 qualified.

8 calls.

5 sales!

In Conclusion

'Sales-Driven AI' is here.

And it isn't going anywhere.

We here stories everyday of the $1,000,000's in deals saved from old and dead leads,

And it's only going to get louder.

So let me ask you…

How much GOLD is sitting in your database?

And how much could you save on staff overheads?

If you’d like to find out…

We’re building a handful of these 'Sales-Driven AI's' for qualified companies so they can increase sales…

… without spending more money on sales staff or working the leads themselves.

We will build, fine-tune and plug this AI into these businesses.

They won’t have to lift a finger.

And The Best Part?

We operate on a 100% performance basis.

So there is no upfront cost, no risk to get started, and if we don't perform, you don't pay.

If you’d like to learn more, and see what 'Sales-Driven AI' would look like plugged into your business…

Just tap below, apply, and if your application is successful we’ll be in touch to schedule a demo.